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February 15, 2023

“The number one thing we found is you have to be a specialist. The thing that I’ve always seen, whether it’s in entrepreneurship or school, and pretty much in any station in life, if you dabble in a little bit of everything, you’re an expert in nothing.” 

— James Grant

Georgia Trial Attorneys is a successful personal injury located just outside of Atlanta. There are exclusively devoted to litigating personal injury cases. 

Georgia Trial Attorneys work with referral partners and other law firms doing the pre-litigation work, who aren’t able, for whatever reason, to resolve the case and have to put the matter into suit. 

Recently James Grant was a guest on The 15-minute podcast discussing his success in building and growing their successful law firm in trial practice and partnering with other law firms. 

Growing a law firm based on trust.

In this episode, James and Chad discuss the following:

  • James Grant talks about how they are changing the game for personal injury attorneys through the litigation model.
  • How to handle a marketing and sales system to generate revenue
  • James explains why hiring a business coach was the best decision.
  • Why you should focus on processes with systemization to build your business
  • James discusses how networking with numerous mentors is beneficial.
  • James talks about his daily rituals to boost productivity.

15 minutes with James Grant: Growing A Law Firm Business Based on Trust

Watch the entire episode above. You can also listen on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Below are the key takeaways and a highlight summary of the podcast.

  • Pick a law firm service and do it well. There are 17 different practice areas, and it’s impossible to do them all well. 
  • Lawyers don’t learn anything about business from the state bars and law schools, so if you want a successful law firm, you need a business coach. You need an understanding of entrepreneurship and how you run a business.
  • The skill set you need to run a pre-litigation personal injury practice is different, and the required resources are different if that case goes to trial. 
  • Everyone needs a unique value proposition. 
  • Clients don’t care about your physical location – they want to have you be accessible and communicative. 
  • You can’t run a business on gut and feeling. It would be best if you run a business on data and metrics. Your law firm is a business. 

How Georgia Trial Attorney has grown into a successful litigation law firm. 

“Our bread and butter is litigation. That’s the only thing we want and the only thing we care about, and that’s the only thing we’re going to serve. So when we started our practice, law firms would send their cases to us that they were not equipped to handle. So we would litigate those cases for them.”

“Fast forward to now, and I’m pitching another law firm to help them grow. I can also tell them with confidence. I’m not driving up your cost of acquisition. I’m not going after your clients. I only want to work with other law firms and businesses like yours to help each other grow and get better results. And that’s how the model was born, and we’ve been just mashing the gas. It’s been an exciting time.”

Building a successful team equals a successful law firm. 

“As a law firm owner, it’s impossible to be the best at everything and to try and do everything. When you let go, you can let other people do what they do and want to do, what they’re good at doing. So it’s essential to build a team around the things that each person is successful or good at, and from there build a system of checks and balances.”

“We have built a team and a process that gets things done during business hours and delivers high results. It’s important that at the end of the business day, my team can go home and relax and be refreshed for the next day, as opposed to just being in this constant state of stress, unlike many legal professionals.”

“Everything can be systematized, run in such a place that it works, and functions without you. You must do a lot of mental gymnastics, learning, and education to realize and get to that point, along with so many decisions. And the way we view things has to be objective. If you don’t have a business plan, for instance, that you update quarterly, you are running your law firm or your business on a whim, on gut feel on intuition. That is not setting you up for success. You need objective metrics that you can measure.”

Need Help With Your Litigation Case?

Are you looking to make more money with less stress and in less time? Georgia Trial Attorneys at Kirchen & Grant, LLC is your go-to co-counsel resource for personal injury claims or lawsuits in Georgia. So why litigate on your own? Let us be your partner – Not your competition.

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