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Jimmy Grant - Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney
April 4, 2022

In March, our very own Jimmy (James) Grant did an interesting interview with Shoutout Atlanta. In his interview, he discussed what it takes to not only be an entrepreneur, but a successful entrepreneur in the business world. He shared his advice on how Jimmy navigates his own Atlanta personal injury law firm, Georgia Trial Attorneys. You can read the entire article here, below are some of the highlights.

How Jimmy Grant has gained success with his Atlanta law firm

The key factor in having a successful business is adopting and cultivating an entrepreneur mindset. Jimmy further explains that;

So often we see, know and love people who are “interested” in success. But they are only willing to do what is convenient. Yet an entrepreneur is committed to doing whatever it takes. Especially the things that no one else is willing to do.

-Jimmy Grant – Georgia Trial Attorneys

A true entrepreneur can accept that failure may be an option. Failure typically comes from objective metrics rather than gut instinct. There is so much personal development that needs to come from within before a business can truly thrive and function.

My business partner Mark and I operate our law firm as a business first, which just so happens to practice personal injury law. This way of running our Atlanta law firm is very different from how most law firms operate their practice.

Tells us about Georgia Trial Attorneys?

To quote Jimmy Grant;

At Georgia Trial Attorneys, we are a personal injury attorneys who repair shattered lives and maximize recovery. We represent injured victims across the State of Georgia, who are being opposed by the greed of billion dollar a year insurance corporations. The words of Dr. Martin Luther King ring true throughout our business and law firm. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” And the injustice brought about my these greedy insurance companies stops when a client hires Georgia Trial Attorneys.

Jimmy Grant – Georgia Trial Attorneys

What is interesting about Georgia Trial Attorneys is that they are not just an Atlanta personal injury law firm. They are The Lawyer’s Lawyers. The law firms across the Southeast come specially to Georgia Trial Attorneys with their difficult cases that need to go to litigation.

We found a niche in obtaining exceptional results through litigating our own and other law firms’ personal injury cases has put us in a league of our own. So for other entrepreneurs and attorneys out there, I would suggest that you master a skill of something that others are not willing to do and then monetize that niche skillset.

Jimmy Grant – Georgia Trial Attorneys

To read more about Jimmy’s advice on business, law firms, and what he likes to do for fun in Atlanta, you can read the whole Shoutout Atlanta article here. Learn more about Jimmy Grant here.

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