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August 8, 2022

Personal Injury Attorney, James Grant, was recently on the Be That Lawyer podcast discussing mistakes to avoid when building your law firm.

In this interview, he chats with the host of Be That Lawyer, Steve Fretzin, about the importance of;

  • Hiring a business coach in the early stages of starting your law firm. They don’t teach you how to run a successful law firm in law school.
  • How learning from our mistakes lead us to growth and success.
  • Knowing your numbers.
  • Time blocking, not multitasking. 

Listen to the full podcast interview here; JAMES GRANT: MISTAKES TO AVOID IN BUILDING YOUR LAW FIRM, or read the summary below.

Importance takeaways to remember when hiring a business coach

One of James Grand’s best decisions when starting his law firm was to hire a business coach. He further explains that it is essential to vet a coach that is the right fit for yourself and your law firm. It should also be someone you can trust and who has an understanding of your law firm and your goals. You also should have the confidence to listen to your coach and be open to their advice and guidance. Coaches may be expensive and can be a big investment but getting a 10x return or more on that investment is absolutely worth it. 

Don’t be cheap with your law firm.

From purchasing your equipment to hiring your employees, it is so essential that you are not cheap with your law firm. You must take the time to hire the right team and have solid processes in place to run a successful firm. If the employee overhead scares you, remember that when hiring an attorney, they should produce profit for the firm within 4-6 weeks.

You might be a great attorney with a great mind, but your client will not get the best service if you aren’t running a good business.

It is so important to train and retrain your staff.

You may be excellent at training your staff in the beginning. However, it’s important to check in with your employees regularly, retrain, and make sure they are continuing to follow your procedures and processes.

Knowing your numbers

It is so important to understand your numbers. Take the time to understand all your statements, including your P&L statements, budget statements, expenses, etc. If you don’t understand your numbers, you won’t be successful and know how to pivot your law firm in the right direction. You should also ensure you have a trusted accountant to help you understand your numbers. 

You may not be the best numbers person, but don’t be afraid of the numbers; the more you know, the better decisions you can make based on objective metrics.” — James Grant.

Time management

Be mindful of all the distractions around you. It is beneficial to block off time and make time to complete the things on your list. 

You should also learn to delegate all the small things to your highly skilled staff, and leaving you to focus on top-level items.  

Listen to the full podcast interview here; JAMES GRANT: MISTAKES TO AVOID IN BUILDING YOUR LAW FIRM

About James Grant

James Grant began his career as an Assistant Solicitor-General with the Gwinnett County Solicitor-General’s Office and the Municipal Court of Suwanee, advocating for the rights of the State of Georgia and those victimized by criminal defendants. During this time, he successfully argued a case before the Supreme Court of Georgia.

After his years of service as a prosecutor, James accepted a position as an Associate Attorney with a boutique personal injury law firm. After consistently proving himself as a top-tier litigator and client advocate, he was promoted to Senior Associate Attorney.

James is a founding partner of Georgia Trial Attorneys at Kirchen & Grant, LLC, where he represents and counsels each client and prospective client as a highly trained and hyper-aggressive attorney.

Learn more about James Grant.

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