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When the stakes are high, you don't just need a lawyer; you need an arsenal. Enter Georgia Trial Attorneys - your team of experienced trial attorneys that's built to win.

Welcome to Georgia Trial Attorneys, your outsourced litigation department, strategically designed to make you more money, faster, and with less stress. We're not just any firm; we're one of the largest litigation-focused personal injury litigation firms in Georgia, specializing in holding greedy insurance companies accountable. Our elite team of top 10 personal injury lawyers in Atlanta has a proven track record in auto, pedestrian, and truck accidents. Whether you're a solo practitioner or a national brand, we've got your back.

Are you constantly asking yourself, "Do I need a personal injury lawyer?" or "Is it worth hiring a personal injury attorney?" The answer is a resounding yes, and we're the best car accident lawyers near you to prove it. Our team leverages data and analytics to ensure you're always moving forward. From free strategy sessions and consultations to aggressive litigation, we're the best personal injury lawyers in Atlanta. If you're looking for top-rated personal injury attorneys who know what to do when you're wondering when to get an attorney for a car accident, then you've come to the right place.

Our Team Is Your Advantage:

James Grant Attorney

James Grant


Attorney and Co-Founding Partner James M. Grant is an aggressive and experienced litigator. He’s had extensive experience helping clients who’ve been injured in auto, pedestrian, and truck accidents. His passion has lead him to fight the greed of the insurance companies and get results to his clients. James has built a successful personal injury firm and he knows what it takes to grow your firm.

mark kirchen attorney

Mark Kirchen


Mr. Kirchen serves as the Managing Attorney and is responsible for supervising the firm’s trial attorneys and their paralegals. Mark uses data and analytics ensures that the firm, it’s attorneys and our referral partners are always moving forward and delivering exceptional results. If your firm needs aggressive litigation that is backed by more than just talk, Mark is there for you.

Elisabeth ‘Elsa’ Maheri


Elisabeth ‘Elsa’ Maheri is a devoted and passionate attorney who takes pride in protecting her clients from unscrupulous insurance companies who routinely place their profits above all else.

Jennifer Oquendo


Jennifer Oquendo is a zealous advocate driven to fight for clients who have been injured through no fault of their own.

Meredith Parrish


Meredith Parrish is a tenacious trial attorney who advocates for her clients to ensure that wealthy insurance companies do not hold their profits above the rights of the injured.

Cody Randall

Special counsel

Cody Randall is enthusiastic and committed to supporting individuals in their battle against ruthless insurance companies. He is motivated to empower his clients and help them achieve justice.

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  • What do personal injury lawyers charge?
  • When to get an attorney for a car accident?
  • Is it worth hiring a personal injury attorney?