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Co-Founding Partner

James Grant isn't just an attorney; he's a game-changer. As the co-founding partner of Georgia Trial Attorneys, he's revolutionized the field of personal injury law in Georgia. He has created a powerhouse law firm that serves as the outsourced litigation arm for other personal injury firms. Gone are the days of personal injury lawyers juggling pre-litigation and courtroom battles. James' mantra says it all: "We litigate, so you don't have to!"

Together with his co-founder, Mark Kirchen, James has designed a form that embodies the future of law: where partners thrive, justice is swift, and technology leads. His leadership has shaped Georgia Trial Attorneys into a beacon of:

  • Absolute Accountability: We own it, fix it, and finish it
  • Forward Momentum: We accelerate cases, not just activity
  • Relentless Refinement: We are always looking to elevate
  • Every Conversation Is A Chance To Excel

Not just a powerhouse litigator, James is a tactical businessman. His dual expertise proves that you can win in the courtroom while maintaining a well-balanced life. A seasoned veteran in the courtroom, his prior roles include stints as an Assistant Solicitor-General and Senior Associate Attorney, where he honed his skills in both criminal and civil litigation. His diverse experiences make him the ultimate weapon against insurance companies and their greed, leveling the playing field for every client he represents.

But James isn't all business. Outside the courtroom, he's an amateur strongman competitor and an avid golfer. He values the harmony of a fulfilling personal life,. He lives in Roswell, Georgia with his wife Meredith and their children, James and Leah.

Georgia Institute of Technology (B.S., 2008)
Faulkner University (J.D., 2011)

If you’re on the hunt for the best accident attorney in Georgia or you're wondering, "Is it worth getting an attorney for a car accident?" or you’re searching for "accident attorneys near me," look no further. Schedule a free strategy session with James Grant, and join a journey of unparalleled legal excellence.

I highly recommend James Grant from Georgia Trial Attorneys at Kirchen & Grant. His professionalism, knowledge and responsiveness was just the remedy. The office staff was also friendly and helpful. Through his expertise and guidance he was able to secure a higher than normal settlement, which was a real blessing for my family. Thank you so much, James!

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James In The Media

Journey to Mastery

journey from stress to success podcast

Elzie Flenard interviews James Grant on the Journey to Mastery Podcast, who shares insights on scaling a business, highlighting the importance of focusing on the company's purpose and smart delegation, like hiring virtual assistants for efficiency. James emphasizes the value of networking in B2B marketing, especially in the legal sector, and discusses the complexities of hiring and team management. The episode underscores aligning entrepreneurial endeavors with personal lifestyle goals, offering guidance for building a business that truly serves the owner's life.

The Lawyer Millionaire

The lawyer millionaire podcast

In the latest episode of The Lawyer Millionaire Podcast, host Darren Wurz discusses with James Grant, a civil engineer turned law firm co-founder, about his journey in transforming Georgia Trial Attorneys into a successful practice. Grant shares insights on overcoming professional challenges, the importance of refining processes, leveraging technology, and the necessity of embracing change for strategic growth. Key topics include the value of hiring experts, the potential impact of AI on the legal industry, streamlining operations for efficiency, focusing on a niche for profitability, automating payment processes, exploring tax strategies for business benefits, and the importance of adapting to change and creative disruption.

Bold Journey Article

Bold Journey article James Grant

On Bold Journey Magazine's feature "Meet James Grant," James Grant, co-founder of Georgia Trial Attorneys, shares valuable insights from his journey in personal injury law. He discusses the importance of an entrepreneurial mindset, strategic planning, and strong professional relationships in the legal field. The article highlights his firm's innovative business model, which provides outsourced litigation services to other personal injury attorneys, and his commitment to redefining the personal injury landscape through innovation and excellence.

Growth and Scaling Podcast

growth and scaling podcast

Todd Westra from the Growth and Scaling podcast discusses with James Grant, attorney, and co-founder of Georgia Trial Attorneys, strategies for building a successful personal injury law firm. Key topics include the importance of focusing on specific types of litigation, bringing unique value to the legal community, and the benefits of settling cases in the pre-litigation phase. James also shares insights on branding strategies, the impact of hiring a business coach, and challenges in growing and scaling a law business. Additionally, the significance of team investment and James's influential coaches are highlighted.

Soar Higher with Jason Ballard

Soar Higher Podcast

Jason Ballard from the Soar Higher podcast talks with James Grant, attorney, and co-founder of Georgia Trial Attorneys, about key business success strategies. Grant, who runs an outsourced litigation department for firms with heavy caseloads, highlighted the importance of differentiating in a competitive market. The discussion focused on the 'Red Ocean (Sea) vs. Blue Ocean' strategy, advising businesses to move towards less crowded, more sustainable markets. Additionally, Grant emphasized the significance of careful outsourcing and hiring, suggesting that quality investments in these areas can lead to long-term success and help businesses transform stress into success.

The Guts and Glory Show

Guts and Glory Show Podcast

In the latest episode of The Guts and Glory Show, host Luis Scott delves into the strategic advantages of outsourcing litigation with James Grant, Co-founding Partner of Georgia Trial Attorneys. Grant discusses how law firms can streamline their operations and scale efficiently by assigning staff to roles that match their expertise, shortening sales cycles, and focusing on core competencies. He highlights the importance of automating routine tasks and integrating software solutions to enhance business functions. The conversation also covers the marketing of a unique business model and the challenges of growing a business, with Grant revealing his approach to building a successful litigation practice.

Emerging Litigation Podcast

emerging litigation podcast image

James Grant appeared on the Emerging Litigation Podcast to discuss how they reinvented their law firm by applying business strategies. They dissected their firm's operations, scrutinizing every aspect, and then reassembled it, focusing on their legal strengths and the most profitable aspects of their practice.

James shares insights into this transformative process. He is a seasoned litigator and trial lawyer with a background in personal injury cases, often going up against insurance companies. Grant holds a Bachelor of Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology and earned his Juris Doctor degree from Faulkner University.

Ask Alan! The Podcast

Ask Alan podcast

James Grant, co-founding partner of Georgia Trial Attorneys, joins the Ask Alan! podcast to discuss his firm's distinct business model. Unlike traditional personal injury practices, Georgia Trial Attorneys provides litigation support services to other law firms. They offer their expertise to build cases headed to trial but do not directly market services to the public. James explains how this collaborative attorney-to-attorney approach allows his firm to focus on its specialty - navigating the courtroom. He provides insights into how they partner with local firms to strengthen legal arguments and maximize claim values for personal injury clients across the region. 

Experts Speak Podcast

michael delong podcast

Respected Georgia trial lawyer James Grant was featured on the Experts Speak Podcast and explains how Georgia Trial Attorneys, can help injury victims get the maximum compensation they deserve after an accident. In an engaging interview, James describes how his team of experienced litigators thoroughly investigate accidents and build strong arguments to prove liability against negligent parties and insurance companies. Listen to learn how Grant levels the playing field and fights for fair settlements for those harmed by auto accidents, medical malpractice, and other negligent acts.

The Law Firm Growth Podcast

law firm growth podcast

The Law Firm Growth Podcast featured trailblazing outsourced litigation expert James Grant, founder of Georgia Trial Attorneys, an industry leader. James discussed strategies for transforming legal practices by leveraging automation and technology to achieve new levels of efficiency. Since founding Georgia Trial Attorneys in 2015, James has spearheaded exponential growth through his innovative vision focused on streamlining operations. By specializing in outsourced litigation, embracing innovation, and prioritizing efficiency, James has set the stage for tremendous future growth and endless possibilities in the legal industry.

Grow Law Firm Podcast

Grow Law Firm - James Grant

James Grant appeared on the Grow Law Firm Podcast.  James has become a trailblazer in the industry with a laser focus on providing outsourced litigation services to law firms. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology and embracing automation, James has meticulously streamlined his firm's operations, achieving unparalleled levels of efficiency. Since its founding in 2015, Georgia Trial Attorneys has experienced exponential growth under James' visionary leadership, setting the stage for a future filled with endless possibilities.

Conversations with Achievers Podcast

conversations with achievers

Host Robert White interviews James Grant, Co-Founder of Georgia Trial Attorneys on the Conversations with Achievers podcast. They assist personal injury lawyers in achieving their entrepreneurial goals by facilitating firm growth. With expertise in litigation and economies of scale, GTA offers cost-effective litigation services compared to in-house operations. By separating pre-litigation and litigation departments, GTA effectively manages personal injury law firms.

The Opening Statements Podcast

Opening Statements podcast

James Grant founding partner at Georgia Trial Attorneys shares his story on The Opening Statements Podcast. James joins us to discuss how he went from an engineering degree from Georgia Tech to becoming an aggressive litigator fighting greedy insurance companies. 


CanvasRebel James Grant

James Grant, co-founder of Georgia Trial Attorneys, shares their scaling-up story on CanvasRebel. They achieved significant growth by having a clear vision, assembling a strong team, documenting processes, creating a marketing plan, hiring professionals, and staying adaptable. Building relationships and caring for clients' needs is key to their success.

School For Startups Radio

School for start-ups podcast

James Grant recently appeared on School For Startups Radio. James and his partner started Georgia Trial Attorneys at Kirchen & Grant with no clients or business experience. Now, their highly successful law firm has 21 staff members, including six attorneys. Grant specializes in personal injury cases, focusing on auto accidents, pedestrian accidents, trucking accidents, and wrongful deaths. Grant also assists other law firms in achieving fair settlements with insurance companies.

Consultwebs Podcast

James Grant on Consult Web

In this episode, James Grant shares his insights on why every lawyer needs to be better at delegating in order to run a successful law firm, while also addressing important questions about the challenges and benefits of effective delegation in legal practice.

The Doctor of Digital Podcast

Doctor of digital logo

James Grant, a successful personal injury lawyer who started his law firm with zero clients and no business experience, has been featured on the Doctor of Digital podcast. He now runs a highly successful law firm, helping thousands of families recover physically and financially. He also coaches other law firms and shares his experiences with entrepreneurs and business owners.

Inventive Journey Podcast

Inventive Journey Podcast

James was a guest on The Inventive Journey Podcast sharing his journey and business experience with the world! This episode features the power of building relationships for success.

Get It Done Entrepreneurs

Get it done logo

The Get It Done Entrepreneuers podcast discusses the legal expertise and commitment to client service of James Grant. This episode emphasizes Grant's extensive experience in the courtroom, handling cases in a wide range of areas including personal injury, medical malpractice, and employment law.

Lawyer Business Advantage Podcast

Managing Partners Podcast - James Grant

James Grant will appear on The Managing Partners podcast on March 30. In this episode, Jimmy shares his expertise and what trends are helping grow his firm.

15 Minutes Podcast

15 minutes podcast with James Grant

In this episode of 15 Minutes, James Grant, Co-founding Partner at Georgia Trial Attorneys, discussed developing a career in litigation and networking with attorneys. James talks about the firm's litigation model to handle the marketing system, reaching goals through a business coach, and what you should focus on to build a successful law firm.

Spotlight Branding

center stage

This week's guest on Spotlight Branding episode "104 -Building Your Firm from the Ground Up" was attorney James Grant. He explains everything it takes to run a law firm and what skills you need to possess to put yourself in the best position to live the life you want to live.

Lawyers Tell All

Lawyers tell all - james grant

James Grant was a guest on Lawyers Tell All in the episode "Why the Business of Law Matters More Than the Practice of Law". Lawyers Tell All is a powerful platform that pulls back the curtain and gets to the heart of what lawyers need to succeed.

The Law Entrepreneur

Law entrepreneur podcast

James Grant was featured on The Law Entrepreneur "Be a Specialist with James Grant" where they discuss how he went from a practicing attorney as a prosecutor, and now how he and his partner have formed this very successful partnership in trial practice. 



James Grant was interviewed on VoyageATL "Exploring Life & Business with James Grant of Georgia Trial Attorneys at Kirchen & Grant" about James' story, challenges building a successful law firm, and how Georgia Trial Attorneys can help personal law firms across the Southeast. 

Latte with a Lawyer Podcast

latte with a lawyer logo - Jimmy Grant

James Grant was featured on Latte with a Lawyer podcast to discuss how Georgia Trial Attorneys help other law firms with litigation services and filing lawsuits. You can also click here to listen on Spotify.

Boss Uncaged Podcast

Boss Uncaged - James Grant

James Grant co-founder of 8334thewin.com was interviewed by S.A. Grant of the Boss Uncaged Podcast to talk about his experiences as an attorney and how he counsels other law firm owners across the county to build better businesses. You can also click here to listen wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Grow Your Law Firm Podcast

Grow your law firm podcast

Georgia Trial Attorneys' James Grant was interviewed by Ken Hardison on the Grow Your Law Firm podcast to talk about why you should know, like, & trust who you work with.

Personal Injury Marketing Minute

personal injury marketing minute

James Grant from Georgia Trial Attorneys joined the Personal Injury Marketing Minute podcast "Growing Your Personal Injury Firm via B2B Marketing" to discuss how he became an attorney, started a personal injury firm, and now helps other PI lawyers with litigation.

The Tech Savvy Lawyer

tech savvy lawyer - James Grant

James Grant, Co-Founding Partner of Georgia Trial Attorneys,  joined The Tech Savvy Lawyer to talk about how to utilize technology to develop a small law practice into a growing law business.

Be That Lawyer


Personal Injury Attorney, James Grant, was recently on the Be That Lawyer podcast discussing mistakes to avoid when building your law firm. Read more...

Shoutout Atlanta

Jimmy Grant in the media

In March, our very own James Grant did an interesting interview with Shoutout Atlanta. In his interview, he discussed what it takes to not only be an entrepreneur, but a successful entrepreneur in the business world. Read more...

The Attorney Podcast

attorney podcast - jimmy grant

A few weeks ago, I was a guest on The Attorney Post podcast. On the podcast, I discussed along with host Justin West the importance of knowing your personal injury rights in Georgia, what to do after being in a car accident, and also shared a few fun personal stories and my advice for anyone who is looking to start a law firm. Read more...