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Ever felt like David up against Goliath? Cody Randall is the slingshot you've been looking for. As Special Counsel at Georgia Trial Attorneys, Cody has turned the tables on greedy insurance corporations. Why? Because he's been in your shoes and he's felt your pain.

Cody kicked off his legal journey at Faulkner University's Jones School of Law. Straight out of law school, he took on big banks to protect consumers from bankruptcy nightmares. But something changed. When a client walked in with a personal injury case, Cody saw firsthand how insurance companies were as ruthless as those banks. That's when he knew: fighting for the injured was his calling.

Joining Georgia Trial Attorneys in 2020, Cody became the go-to Atlanta auto accident attorney. With a track record of settling cases without the delays and costs of a trial, he's the negotiator you want in your corner. Living in Midtown Atlanta, Cody's got strong Georgia roots and an even stronger commitment to justice.

Tired of being pushed around by insurance companies? Ready to level the playing field? Call now or schedule a free strategy session. It's your move.

I have nothing but great things to say about Mr Grant. He has been amazing! Quick to respond, helpful, friendly, very knowledgeable. Office staff is professional and courteous. Highly recommended!

Kelli Tyler