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Mark Kirchen is a co-founding partner of Georgia Trial Attorneys. Mark’s vision for the firm is to help other solo, small, and mid-size personal injury law firms fight insurance companies’ greed while focusing on growth and increasing revenue. Mark has helped Georgia Trial Attorneys grow to be one of the premier injury litigation firms in Atlanta and Georgia.

After graduating from John Marshall Law School as the Valedictorian, Mr. Kirchen began his legal career focused on general litigation, family law, and estates and trusts. Notably, Mr. Kirchen clerked for the Honorable Judge Blackburn for the Georgia Court of Appeals. Before establishing Georgia Trial Attorneys, Mr. Kirchen was a Senior Associate at a local personal injury law firm where he oversaw 4 attorneys and support staff. Charged with managing 500 cases at any given time, Mr. Kirchen and his team were successful in recovering tens of millions of dollars for clients – $4,000,000 in 2014 alone. In 2015, he answered the call to empower the injured on his terms. Since co-founding Georgia Trial Attorneys, Mr. Kirchen has excelled at reaching positive results for his clients due to his zealous, individualized representation. Mr. Kirchen exhibits an aggressive and dynamic style which has earned him a reputation amongst the insurance companies as a litigator to be feared.

Mark was born and raised in South Dakota. He now lives in Gwinnett County with his dog Odo.

It was a great pleasure working with the Grant & Kirchen team! They were on top of everything and were very professional. Grant did what he felt was best for me to win my case and I trusted him to get the job done. With that trust I won my case and I have no one to thank, but his team personally! If you have a personal injury from a car accident, do yourself a favor and call them now!

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