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Co-Founding Partner

In the realm of personal injury law, Mark Kirchen is a force to be reckoned with. As the co-founding partner of Georgia Trial Attorneys, he's the architect behind the firm's disruptive business model: "We litigate, so you don't have to!" Mark, and his co-founder, James Grant, are the catalyst for change, steering the firm into the future where law firms don't just practice law; they thrive on innovation and efficiency.

Core Values and Purpose
Mark’s operational brilliance aligns perfectly with the firm's core values:

  • Absolute Accountability: We own it, fix it, and finish it
  • Forward Momentum: We accelerate cases, not just activity
  • Relentless Refinement: We are always looking to elevate
  • Every Conversation Is A Chance To Excel

At the heart of it, Mark embodies the firm's purpose: "The Law Reimagined," a realm where partners thrive, justice is swift, and technology leads.

Tech-Savvy Businessman
Mark is not your typical personal injury lawyer. His expertise in technology—automation, workflows, artificial intelligence—sets him apart as one of the best accident attorneys in Georgia. He’s continually challenging and revolutionizing the traditional practice of personal injury law, making him the go-to car accident lawyer in Atlanta and beyond.

Track Record
A Valedictorian from John Marshall Law School, Mark cut his teeth in general litigation, family law, and estates and trusts. After a successful stint as a Senior Associate where he managed a portfolio of 500 cases and recovered tens of millions for clients, Mark knew he could do more. So, he co-founded Georgia Trial Attorneys, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Personal Life
Born and raised in South Dakota, Mark brings his Midwestern values to the hustle and bustle of Gwinnett County, Georgia, where he enjoys life with his dog, Odo.

John Marshall Law School (J.D., Valedictorian, 2007)
Georgia State University (B.A.)

If you're wondering, "Is it worth getting an attorney for a car accident?" or you’re searching for "accident attorneys near me," look no further. Schedule a strategy session with Mark Kirchen. Welcome to the future of personal injury law. Period.

It was a great pleasure working with the Grant & Kirchen team! They were on top of everything and were very professional. Grant did what he felt was best for me to win my case and I trusted him to get the job done. With that trust I won my case and I have no one to thank, but his team personally! If you have a personal injury from a car accident, do yourself a favor and call them now!

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