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At Georgia Trial Attorneys, we are dedicated to empowering our fellow personal injury attorneys by providing valuable resources that help streamline the process of initiating litigation – which will deliver better results for your clients. We are excited to present our collection of free sample personal injury complaints, designed to offer guidance and inspiration as you navigate through various types of personal injury cases.

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By using our free sample personal injury complaints, you can:

  1. Save time and effort in drafting your own complaints by using our professionally crafted templates as a starting point.
  2. Gain insights into the legal strategies and arguments that have proven effective in a wide variety of personal injury cases.
  3. Customize and adapt our sample complaints to suit the unique needs and circumstances of your clients, ensuring a solid foundation for your cases.
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Complaint or Statement of Claim: total value less than $15,000.00

The above-listed sample complaints are Georgia-specific. However, these samples and templates are generally the same in most jurisdictions. If you are using the language from these complaints, please make sure that the elements, standards, and requirements of your jurisdiction are incorporated.

More About Civil Personal Injury Complaints and How They Work

A civil action arises when a private person or business has allegedly suffered some kind of harm or damage. A remedy may not be available through the criminal court system. But the civil court system allows for a private person or business to file a civil claim against another person, business, or a combination thereof to seek “recovery.” The type of “recovery” pursued in the civil court system is generally measured in money, with the Plaintiff asking the judge or jury to make a judgment in their favor. The judgment is then accompanied by an order which entitles Plaintiff to a certain amount of money to be paid by Defendant or Defendants. This is called a damages award.

The document that sets the civil justice system in motion is called a complaint. A civil complaint, for a personal injury case for instance, sets for the parties, jurisdiction, basic facts, the legal justification for filing the lawsuit, the damages incurred, and in many cases the specific amount of money requested. It is of utmost importance that you allege all of the essential elements of your claim. If you have questions, you can:

Steal from the examples, samples, and templates above; 

  1. Review the statutes;
  2. Review the model jury instructions;
  3. Search your bar association’s case, statute, regulation, court rules, and bar publications search tool (i.e., Fastcase);
  4. Search Lexis or Westlaw; or
  5. Confer with colleagues and listservs.

Filing a Personal Injury Complaint in Georgia

Under the Uniform Rules of the Superior Court of the State of Georgia, Rule 36.10, personal injury complaints must include the following:

  • The proper filing fee; and
  • A civil case initiation form. If you are filing your personal injury complaint using the PeachCourt ePortal, a civil case initiation form is automatically created. However, you will need to manually create and upload the civil case initiation form if you are using the Odyssey ePortal. A template civil case initiation form can be downloaded here in Word or PDF.

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We hope our template proves to be a valuable asset in your personal injury practice. If you have any questions or need additional support, don't hesitate to reach out to our experienced team at Georgia Trial Attorneys. Together, we can deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients while upholding the highest standards of personal injury law.