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Georgia Trial Attorneys
October 7, 2021

Accident attorney JG. Here to blow your minds.

Do you want to know what’s worse than being in a car accident, having the insurance company jerk you around after that accident? And do you want to know why they do this all the time? It’s in their business model. Even though we’re required by law to carry auto insurance, the insurance companies don’t care about their drivers or the people they hurt.

They care about one thing. Money.

Insurance companies are a business. The business of making money like billions and billions a year. They don’t want to pay for your injuries, medical bills and lost wages, nothing. And even if they have to pay you, they don’t want to pay for the full value of your claim. They would rather delay, deny and devalue your case. And guess what they’re really good at.

So don’t expect to get your bills paid. And then some just because you are in an accident. This is why you need an attorney. This is why you need accident. Attorney JG. Call me at eight, three, three for the win and I’ll get you the settlement check you deserve.

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Georgia Trial Attorneys

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