How to Be Safe When Traveling on the Roads With Semi-Trucks 

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How to Be Safe When Traveling on the Roads With Semi-Trucks
November 30, 2022

According to the most recent studies, this holiday season will be the most significant rise in holiday travel since the early 2000s. Since 2020, many families have canceled travel and holiday plans because of the pandemic season. This year, many families are making up for lost time and reuniting this holiday season to make up for last previous years. An increase in holiday travel means more cars on the roads this holiday season. Unfortunately, this can mean an increase in car accidents, and with long-distance travel, there is a considerable increase in the chance of getting in an accident with a semi-truck. Each year, around 4,600 fatal accidents involving semi-truck drivers occur. A car accident, especially far from home and with a semi-truck, can be terrifying and seriously life-threatening. Our Atlanta trucking accident attorneys want you to be safe during your holiday travels, so we want to provide tips on how to be safe when traveling on the roads with semi-trucks. 

How to safely drive while traveling on the road with semi-trucks. 

Did you know that most accidents with semi-trucks are because of passenger vehicles? Semi-trucks can weigh between 10,000 and 25,000 pounds. Unfortunately, most car accidents with a semi-truck end up fatal. Most of these accidents occur because car operators need to understand that trucks have limitations and that there are specific ways to move around semi-trucks. The following are safety precautions you should always take when driving around semi-trucks.

Avoid blind spots

Semi-trucks have a much larger bling spot than a regular passenger cars. It’s important to note that if you can’t see the truck driver in their side mirror, chances are they also can’t see you. When traveling with semi-trucks, avoid being in the following;

  • Sitting in the driving lane along the back half of the trailer.
  • Twenty feet or less ahead of the semi-truck.
  • Don’t drive thirty feet or less behind a semi-truck.

Use your turn signals.

Using your turn signals to let other drivers know your intentions would always be best. However, using your turn signals when around semi-trucks is crucial because of their large size and weight; semi-trucks often require more distance and time to maneuver, slow down, and stop. 

Give yourself plenty of distance around semi-trucks.

As mentioned above, a semi-trucks large size and weight require more distance and time to slow down or come to a stop. Semi-truck also take very wide turns that can take up two lanes. If a semi-truck can not see you, your vehicle may become trapped. Also, it would be best if you did not travel too close to a semi-truck. Traveling too close can increase your risk of being involved in an accident if something happens to the truck. Some dangerous circumstances are as follows;

  • If a semi-truck suddenly breaks, the truck could tip over, trapping your vehicle under the trailer. 
  • Bad weather conditions can cause a semi-truck to skid, slide, or tip over.
  • Semi-truck tires can blow out, causing the wheel to fly at your vehicle, or the truck may swerve into your lane. 
  • If you cut in front of a semi-truck, they might not have time to slow down and can run into the back of your vehicle, causing you to get into an accident. 

Pass safely around semi-trucks

Under any circumstance, use caution while passing semi-trucks on the road. Do not drive next to a semi-truck for an extended period. Make sure to try to always pass on the left side of the truck. Do not merge into the truck’s lane until you see the truck’s driver in your rearview mirror. This will ensure the driver can see your vehicle so they can respond accordingly. Use extreme caution when passing semi-trucks around curved roads and up and down hills, as they will need to adjust their speed or slow down. 

Steps to take if you are in a car accident with a semi-truck

It is crucial to ensure you travel safely on the roads with semi-trucks. If you are ever involved in an accident with a semi-truck, it is crucial to contact a semi-truck accident attorney in Atlanta as soon as possible. An experienced truck accident attorney can help you receive compensation for the injuries and damages you sustained.

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