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Simplify The Practice Of Law In Georgia With Our One-Page Cheat Sheet On Personal Injury Litigation.

Navigating the complexities of Georgia's civil procedure in combination with its personal injury laws can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be. With Georgia Trial Attorneys' Ultimate 1-Page Comprehensive Litigation Guide, mastering the ins and outs of personal injury law in our state becomes a simpler task. This free, one-page guide is designed to enhance your understanding and streamline your litigation process.

Understanding the nuances of trial courts, venue specifications, the statute of limitations, discovery process, and much more is essential for achieving favorable outcomes in personal injury cases. This guide equips you with the necessary tools to maneuver these intricacies, offering insights that can help optimize your case management and outcomes.

Our cheat sheet presents an overview of the three trial courts in Georgia — Superior Court, State Court, and Magistrate Court — and delineates the types of cases each handle. It also provides guidance on the venue for both individual and corporate defendants, depending on their location and the nature of the case.

Understanding time frames is crucial in personal injury litigation. Our guide breaks down the statute of limitations, the statute of repose, and the timelines for responding to various elements of discovery. It also explains the limitations of discovery requests and the process for noticing depositions.

Perhaps you've faced challenges regarding contributory and comparative negligence, minor settlements, or the offer of settlement rules under O.C.G.A. §9-11-68. Our guide provides clear, concise information on these aspects and offers insights on mediation, attorney's fees, and the application of punitive damages.

Our 1-page cheat sheet has been designed as an easy-to-navigate resource, ensuring that you have access to essential litigation knowledge at your fingertips. To get your hands on our free litigation cheat sheet, simply click the link below, share your name and email address, and we’ll send it to your inbox:


Essential Framework of Georgia Personal Injury Litigation

1. Trial Courts In Georgia
  a. Superior Court: for all equitable and legal matters.

  b. State Court: only for legal matters.
  c. Magistrate Court: for cases not exceeding $15,000.

2. Venue
  a. For Individual Defendants

     i. Geo rgia Residents: County where the Defendant resides. If multiple Defendants, any county where

Defendant resides.

     ii. Non-Georgia Residents: Either the county where the Plaintiff resides or where the cause of action arose.

       O.C.G.A. §40-12-3.

  b. Corporate Defendants are subject to venue in the county where:
     i. Its registered agent is located or where the cause of action arose and if there is no office in that county, the

       corporate Defendant has 45 days to...

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