When Surgery Goes Wrong – Dancing Cosmetic Surgeon and Medical Lawsuits

Millions of people in Georgia and the rest of the country recently watched a video of a surgeon singing the song, “Cut It” and posing for the camera while cutting into a patient’s flesh. The physicians then shared this video along with 20 others on YouTube. The patient who was captured in the video now reports that she was left scarred as a result of the incident and that she never gave the physician permission to post the video online.

The patient reports that she had no knowledge of the video or when it was taken, but only recognized her body when she was shown the video later on. Now, because the patient has a surgical scar and her privacy was compromised, she has announced plans to pursue legal action against the cosmetic surgeon.

A Second Patient’s Rights Were Violated

A second patient also now claims that the physician invaded her privacy by posting photos of her exposed body during surgery on social media. The lawsuit initiated by this patient claims that prior to undergoing cosmetic surgery, she had prohibited the physician from using any photographs of her without permission.

Another Patient Experienced Brain Damage

In what seems to be a consistent pattern of medical malpractice, the dancing doctor also recently settled a case concerning a patient who now has permanent brain damage after her heart stopped during surgery. The patient had arrived at the doctor’s Lilburn, Georgia office for Botox and an anti-wrinkle treatment.

While being seen by the doctor, the medical staff recommended surgery that would help give the patient a flat stomach before her wedding. When the patient’s heart stopped during surgery, however, the office was not equipped to handle the emergency and had to call 911. By the time the patient made it to the hospital, her injuries were catastrophic and she was left unable to care for herself.

How to Avoid Medical Malpractice

While it will not completely eliminate the risk of ending up a medical malpractice victim, there are some steps that you can take to avoid the risk of being harmed this way, such as:

  • Do not blindly accept your medical provider’s statement about your condition. Instead, do your own research and make a list about specific symptoms that you have noticed. Then, get a second doctor’s opinion.
  • Medical professionals have a tendency to use technical terms that can fly right over the heads of people who did not attend medical school. If you are uncertain about something that your medical provider tells you, do not be afraid to ask for clarification.
  • When undergoing surgery that requires anesthesia or heavy medication, bring someone with you who can make sure that you are given sufficient care while unconscious.
  • Remain attentive about the care you receive and speak up if anything does not seem right. Ask questions of your healthcare provider and advocate for yourself whenever you can.

Seek Out an Experienced Malpractice Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been the victim of medical malpractice during surgery, the resulting injuries can be devastating for your entire family. They can also cause serious complications including additional injuries and astronomical medical bills. If you have questions, reach out experienced attorneys at Georgia Trial Attorneys for a free consultation.

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