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What To Do After a Car Accident In a Rental Car
April 14, 2023

It’s no surprise that a rental car accident can happen in Georgia. According to a survey conducted by Insurify, Georgia was the 5th state out of 10 with the highest accident rates in 2022. The state has a rate of 10.6% of drivers with an at-fault accident on their record.

What you do after a rental car accident will determine your liability. The Atlanta car accident attorneys from Georgia Trial Attorneys can explain the steps you must take following your rental car accident and how different types of insurance can work against you or for you.

What to Do After a Rental Car Accident in Atlanta

You want to follow the same steps in a traditional car accident. Your first step should be to seek immediate medical attention. Even if you feel fine now, your injuries may be more serious than they appear.

You also want to exchange information with the other driver(s) involved in the accident. Also, you may want to file a claim with the other drivers’ insurance companies. In this situation, you will want to call the police and file a police report. Filing a police report will give you additional evidence for your claim. Police officers will offer an impartial overview of your rental car accident.

Last but not least, you want to contact the rental car company. Depending on the terms of your rental car agreement, you may be required to take the car to a certain repair shop.

Your Rights After a Rental Car Accident

Your legal rights after a rental car accident will be based on who is at fault. You may be liable for the rental car's damages if you are determined to be at fault for your accident. You may have to use your auto insurance to cover the costs of the damages.

This could be an issue if your auto insurance doesn’t provide enough coverage for rental car repairs. If you are not at fault for your rental car accident, you can seek compensation from the other driver’s auto insurance.

Personal Auto Insurance vs. Rental Insurance

Another form of coverage you can use is the rental car company’s optional insurance. Many rental car companies will ask you about this type of coverage when picking up the car. This rental insurance can include various options like liability coverage, personal accident coverage, and collision damage.

This type of insurance may not always help you in case of an accident. Each rental insurance policy is different. Some policies may not include coverage for liability or damages. Some insurance policies may only apply to the vehicle's driver or spouse. You might still be liable for the damages if someone else was behind the wheel during the accident. You may want to review the rental car insurance policy before purchasing it.

What Are the Different Types of Coverage Available for a Rental Car?

Each type of coverage the rental car company provides is used for a specific purpose. If your rental car is stolen or damaged, you may want to consider the loss damage waiver coverage. If you want any medical expenses or property damage covered, you may want to consider liability coverage or personal accident coverage.

You may also have additional coverage through your credit card. Some credit cards offer rental insurance in case of an accident. However, credit card insurance may not include liability coverage. You may want to contact your credit card company and discover what damages can be covered through this insurance.

Filing a Claim With the Other Driver’s Insurance Company

If the other driver is at fault, you may be able to file a claim with their insurance company. From that point, the rental car company will work with the other driver’s insurance company for compensation.

But you may still be charged by the rental car company for the accident. If this happens, you can seek compensation from the insurance company. You can request to be reimbursed from the other driver’s insurance company.

How a Georgia Car Accident Attorney Can Help

Being involved in a rental car accident can be overwhelming. You may be charged fees you weren’t prepared to pay, whether you were found at fault or not. The other driver’s insurance company may try to avoid liability and blame you for your accident.

You may want to work with a Georgia car accident attorney to protect yourself throughout this confusing process. You’ll increase your chances of receiving the best outcome for your case.

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