Sideswipe Car Accidents in Atlanta. Determining Who’s at Fault 

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Sideswipe Car Accidents in Atlanta. Determining Who's at Fault 
February 7, 2023

Car accidents are scary, especially if you happen to be sideswiped in a car accident in Atlanta. Also, if one car swipes another, it can be challenging to determine who is at fault for the car accident. Therefore, if you have been in a sideswipe accident in Atlanta, it’s crucial that you contact an Atlanta car accident attorney who will help determine who’s at fault and prove that the other driver was at fault for the car accident. 

Did you know that sideswipe accidents are more common than you think? More than 2,500 fatalities yearly and about 27,000 injuries result from sideswipe accidents. In addition, Sideswipe collisions account for 2.7 percent of fatal crashes of all types of car accidents.

Also, sideswipe accidents can be quite severe and cause serious injuries. In the case of a sideswipe collision, even at lower speeds, drivers may lose control, and the car may spin out or crash in other ways. Of course, any accident can cause injuries. However, occupants are more protected by a car’s front and back ends, while occupants are less protected by the car’s sides.

What to do after a sideswipe car accident in Atlanta?

Suppose you, unfortunately, are in a sideswipe car accident. In that case, it’s crucial that you take these steps to have as much evidential proof of the car accident as you can to share with your Atlanta car accident attorney. Documentation will also greatly help to determine who was at fault in the accident.

Here are the steps you should take. 

    • Most importantly, ensure you and your passengers are not injured – everyone’s safety is most important. So do a check on everyone to make sure they are okay.

    • If you can, move your car off the road – leaving your vehicle in traffic may cause more accidents. If it is safe, slowly drive your vehicle to the side of the road and out of the traffic flow.

    • Call the police – call 911 as soon as possible. You always want a police report concerning the accident.

    • Don’t leave the scene. You will want to wait for the police to arrive unless you need immediate medical treatment. It is against the law in Georgia to leave the scene of an accident. 

    • Write down all details while they are still fresh in your mind – write down exactly what happened to cause the accident. Also, if possible, write down a description of the other vehicle, license plate information, weather conditions, and other details.

    • Take photos – you’ll want pictures of the damage to your vehicle and any debris the other damaged car may have left behind.

    • Talk to witnesses – If witnesses stop to help, get their information. Ask for their name and phone number and have them write down what they saw.

    • Avoid social media. Do not post pictures or comments about your accident on social media. These could be damaging to a later claim.

    • Seek medical treatment. Get medical attention as quickly as possible, even if you feel you were unharmed in a car accident. Some injuries may not show up immediately, and the adrenaline from the accident can mask symptoms.

    • Call an Atlanta personal injury attorney – once you are home safely, call a car accident attorney. Georgia Trial Attorneys will help you fight the other driver and, if necessary, the insurance company.

How to determine who is at fault for a sideswipe car accident in Atlanta?

The best way to determine who is at fault in a sideswipe accident is by investigating the details of the accident and gathering evidence. In sideswipe accidents, liability often falls on the driver who fails to maintain their lane. As mentioned above, this is why it is crucial to have as much evidential proof of the car accident as possible. It is very common for the at-fault driver’s insurance company to claim you were partially at fault or that your injuries are not as severe. 

Common causes of sideswipe car accidents in Atlanta

More than 90 percent of all car crashes involve driver error. For example, a careless driver might be looking at the road ahead but not paying attention to what is happening at the sides of the vehicle. A sideswipe accident can occur anywhere on the road but frequently happen at intersections or on the freeway.

Several factors can lead to sideswipe car accidents in Atlanta, including:

    • A distracted drive. (using a cell phone, texting, eating, or even car navigation. You only have to look away for a second. 

    • Changing lanes without checking the blind spot

    • Moving into another lane without using a turn signal

    • Driver’s not allowing enough space for surrounding vehicles to merge.

    • Being an aggressive driver 

    • Weaving quickly in and out of traffic without giving other drivers enough room

    • Driver impairment, tiredness, or excessive speed

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