At Georgia Trial Attorneys, we have successfully handled cases in the areas of Car Accidents, Trucking Accidents, Slip and Falls, Personal Injury, and Traffic Violations. Since opening our practice, we are very proud of all our successful client outcomes. Below is a sampling of the cases we have successfully handled.

Car Collision Injury No. 173

Background: The client severely injured in a car accident and, as a result, had amassed substantial medical bills.

Resolution: Negotiated a personal injury settlement after filing a lawsuit and increasing the “final offer” by 148%. Liability was clear, however, the client’s case exhibited substantial issues regarding causation, treatment, and inflated medical bills.

Auto Accident & Injuries No. 291

Background: Client experiences a rear-end collision resulting in minor property damage and requiring medical care for injuries.

Resolution: Obtained a settlement valued at 160% of the client’s medical expenses.

Medical Expenses Recouped No. 200

Background: The client was involved in a rear-end motor vehicle collision which resulted in soft tissue injuries.

Resolution: An MRI showed no evidence of further injury. In spite of low property damage, only soft tissue injuries and a negative MRI, Georgia Trial Attorneys at Kirchen & Grant obtained a very favorable settlement offer valued at over 2.5 times the client’s medical expenses.

Auto Accident & Injuries No. 469

Background: Georgia Trial Attorneys emerged victorious after obtaining a verdict in excess of 120% of the insurance companies’ “final offer.” The client was involved in a rear-end motor vehicle collision which resulted in soft tissue injuries to his knee and back.

Vehicle Collision & Damages No. 111

Background: Georgia Trial Attorneys snatched victory out of the jaws of defeat! The client was involved in a motor vehicle collision in a gas station parking lot where liability was adamantly denied by the insurance company.

Resolution: When no other attorneys would take the case, Georgia Trial Attorneys filed a lawsuit and got the client what he deserved from the beginning.

Resolution: As of today, our client is fully recovered and fully compensated. We refused to be intimidated by absurd “final offers.”

DUI, Drug Possession, Traffic Violations No. 344

Background: Client was pulled over for failure to maintain lane. Arrested for DUI, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Related Objects, and Failure to Maintain Lane.

Resolution: All his charges were DISMISSED and he entered a plea to reckless driving.

Details: Client was asked to perform field sobriety evaluations. He exhibited the following clues: 6/6 on HGN, 7/8 on the Walk & Turn and 3/4 on the One Leg Stand. He refused the state administered breath test at the jail.

Traffic Violation & Deportation No. 477

Background: An undocumented Peruvian citizen was cited for speeding and his second No Valid Driver’s License charge within two years, a high and aggravated misdemeanor with a statutory requirement of being fingerprinted and serving 10 days in jail.

Resolution: He avoided an Immigration and Customs Enforcement hold and possible deportation by entering a nolo plea without having to be fingerprinted or serve any time in jail.

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