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Mastering Custom Instructions with ChatGPT

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Unlock the Potential of Custom Instructions in Just 15 Minutes!

Dive deep into the nuances of custom instructions and harness the power of AI to increase your revenue, speed up case resolutions, and reduce stress. Recap the value of our last session and understand how tailored instructions can make a world of difference.

On this page, you can unlock the keys to:

  • Introduction to the world of custom instructions.
  • Realizing GPT-4's enhanced capabilities with tailored directives.
  • Symbols, format, and the art of crafting effective custom instructions.
  • Live demonstration: Crafting a custom instruction for a legal narrative.
  • Download The Slideshow

    Grab our detailed slideshow accompanying the webinar. Packed with examples, how-tos, and insights on custom instructions – these slides give you a peek inside our toolkit to AI-driven legal excellence.

ChatGPT custom instructions

Embracing AI: Key Takeaways

Embrace the advanced capabilities of GPT-4 by understanding the power of Custom Instructions in the legal realm. This webinar dives deep into what custom instructions are and why they’re pivotal for enhancing GPT-4’s functionality, especially for legal tasks. Dive into the anatomy of these instructions and get a grasp of the symbols and format, likened to real-world analogies for better comprehension. Watch as we demonstrate the step-by-step creation of custom instructions, bringing theory into practical application. Witness firsthand how custom instructions can revolutionize tasks such as drafting pain and suffering narratives, providing accuracy and efficiency tailored to the nuances of personal injury law. Our Q&A session aims to address any lingering questions, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the topic.

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